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Cosmetic Dentist in Newark

Are you in need of a Cosmetic Dentist in Newark?

Are you looking for a great way to enhance the appearance of your smile? Thomas Fitzsimmons DDS is home to leading cosmetic dentist in Newark who combines the art and science of dentistry to give you teeth that are as healthy as they are beautiful. Providing an extensive selection of treatment options, ranging from teeth whitening and aesthetically appealing restorations, to porcelain veneers. For an effective and noninvasive way to take years off your appearance and improve your smile, consider our premium veneers.

Cosmetic Dentist in Newark

Most of us are not lucky enough to be born with a perfect smile but your cosmetic dentist in Newark is here to tell you about the many options available for whitening, brightening and enhancing your teeth.  If you’re considering a smile makeover, the team at Thomas Fitzsimmons DDS can provide a thorough, most informative consultation. Among the options which provide aesthetically dramatic results, porcelain veneers are an excellent way to enhance the appearance of your smile. Requiring only minimal preparation to the existing tooth structure, they have become the go-to smile makeover option for countless people around the world. One of the most amazing things about porcelain veneers is that they are completely customizable. With such control over the outcome of the treatment, it’s no wonder veneers have become the standard cosmetic dental procedure for Hollywood celebrities. As a leading cosmetic dentist in Newark, we prioritize quality in everything we do. Our veneers are fabricated using the highest grade dental porcelain available. Not only is this premium material strong and durable, it also possesses a translucent quality that reflects light the same way natural tooth enamel does, lending our veneers a remarkably luminescent appearance.

If you want to turn your dream of a marvelous smile into a reality, please consider visiting the caring, artful dental professionals at the practice of Thomas Fitzsimmons DDS. Using state-of-the-art technology and advanced techniques, we’ll help you achieve your cosmetic dental goals. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please call our office today.


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